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Laser Optimization and Measurement - REM Machine Tools

Laser Optimization and Measurement

For many years the industry standard method of measuring the machine tool or CMM performance has been using a free-standing laser on a tripod, in combination with remote (i.e. separate) interferometers and reflector optics, mounted directly to the machine table and spindle.

Linear, angular (pitch and yaw) or straightness measurements between table and spindle, could then each be performed by means of interferometers, with the appropriate choice of interferometer optics.

The design of the Renishaw ML10 Laser Interferometer System is the peak of modern technology in terms of evaluation and exact calibration of machine tools, coordinate measuring machines and other positioning systems.

Advantages of the laser system:

• Accuracy is ± 0.7 ppm and is constant throughout the work;
• Fast and safe alignment with a laser mounted on a tripod;
• Portability – the system is easy to carry;
• Error-compensation software can be used with most CNC equipment;
• Optical system designed for use in the workshop production – light and strong optics that quickly adapts thermally to the environment;
• Measure the distance up to 32 m high;
• High precision compensation for temperature, pressure and humidity.

The system provides a number of different measurement options, including:

• Angular pitch and yaw of an axis
• Linear positioning accuracy and repeatability of an axis
• Straightness of an axis
• Flatness of a surface.

Equipment used for Laser Optimisation

Easy-Laser D600, owned by our Quality Assurance Department, represents the basic version of the geometric measurement systems, manufactured by Damalini AB Sweden.laser-optimization-measurement-1

The device has 27 standard measuring programs, optimized for special measurements as follows:

Horizontal – For shaft alignment of horizontal machines
Machine Train – For the alignment of two to ten machines in a row
Straightness – For measurement of straightness on machine foundations, shafts, bearing journals
Flatness – Program for measurement of flatness/twist
Squareness – For measurement of squareness in machinery and plant
Parallelism – For measuring between rolls, machine sides
Spindle – For measurement of centerline direction of machine spindles on machine tools, drilling machines
Center of circle – This program is used when measuring the straightness of bearing journals

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