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CNC Heavy Duty Lathe SNG-1400 x 8500 - REM Machine Tools

CNC Heavy Duty Lathe SNG-1400 x 8500

Technical Specifications

CNC Heavy Duty Lathe  SNG 1400 X 8500 CNC SF

Horizontal CNC lathe, single carriage

Main parameter of machine
Center height 930 mm
Max turning diameter over the carriage 1250 mm
Max turning diameter over bed covers 1650 mm
Distance between centres 8500 mm
Max weight of part on centres 30000 Kg
Speed (single range, infinitely variable)
        Longitudinal (Z axis) Min= 0.01 m/min
        Horizontal (X axis) Min= 0.05 m/min
        Vertical (Y axis) Min=0.1 m/min
Rapid speed at vertical and horizontal direction 6000 mm/min
Max tangential cutting stress 55 KN
Trip at horizontal direction (X axis) 700 mm
Trip at longitudinal direction (Z axis) 8500 mm
Trip at vertical direction (axis) ±60mm
Main spindle      true running 0.005 mm
                          plan running 0.008 mm
Centre angle 60 degree
Diameter of radial bearing in front of the main spindle 405 mm
Diameter of internal hole of main spindle 150 mm
Diameter of faceplate 1400 mm
Min and Max holding diameter in jaws 120 – 1000 mm
Rotate speed of main spindle  (two ranges, infinitely variable) Min= 3.5rpm; Max=600rpm
Motor power of AC main spindle 71 Kw
Max torque of main spindle 43000 Nm
Rotary speed of C axis 0.01 — 4rpm
Centre angle 60 degree
Diameter of sleeve 500 mm
Travel of sleeve 300 mm
Width 1885 mm
Number of guiding ways (the guiding way at middle has 2 guiding side) 3
Number of guiding ways for carriage 2
Number of guiding ways for steady and tailstock 2
The carriage can go through from the front of the steady and tailstock

The bearing system of main spindle should be roller bearing of high precision: TIMKEN

The Z, X, Y guiding way system is achieved automatic-lubrication hard guiding way.

The turret of machine is 400 four-direction rotate automatically (VDI3425 page 3). The tool holder is according with DIN69881and for turret with DIN5480 (DUPLOMATIC TMY – BR – 20), 20×0,80; the section of tool is 40mm. The location of tool holder is 12×30°.

Lubrication, hydraulic, pneumatic and tool cooling system.

The hydraulic and pneumatic parts use the products of Rexroth.

Power supply:

Three-phase AC: 380±10V% , 50±1 Hz ;
Single-phase AC: 220±10V%, 50±1 Hz .

Servo motors for driving 1FT6 SIEMENS

CNC system: 840D SIEMENS

Measurement system: Z, X, Y axis use HEIDENHAIN optical scales.

The positioning precision at Z direction whole travel P =0.05mm, repeat positioning precision PS=0.01 mm
The positioning precision at X direction whole travel P=0.01mm, repeat positioning precision PS=0.008mm
The main spindle use degree coder. The orientation precision of C axis is ±5″

The X, Y, Z, C four axis are linkage

The control panel has hand-wheel function


C type steady with rollers and interchangeable pads.
Diameterf100 -500mm , one piece
Diameterf300 -800mm , one piece

All kinds of tool holder for VDI3425 turret

Accessories for:
Drilling or tapping the small hole or small screw (M4 to M20)
Hydrostatic rolling

The accessories should be loaded and unloaded conveniently, has quick electric connection, reliable to use and easy to maintenance.





Model: Horizontal CNC lathe, single carriage
Location: Bacau, Romania
Condition: Retrofitted
More info: CONTACT

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